Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable

As technology evolved rapidly in the 60’s so did many musicians bring their music into the world. Now after many years of evolution, you too can now enjoy the amazing feeling of independence and effortlessly bringing the special warmth of the Electrohome Archer Vinyl Record Player Classic Turntable with you everywhere there is power, when visiting friends as well as when relaxing on your back porch-without sacrificing Audio quality of your favorite music collection. With the system’s full-range-two in-built speakers the user can hear every crackle and subtle nuance anywhere and everywhere he or she is. Its high-fidelity and rich analog audio delivers a crisper and fuller listening experience than most digitally compressed MP3s and CDs are capable of. This full-belt driven music system can play 12,10 and 7 inch records at three main speeds 45,78 and 33/1/3.Housed in a tasteful all-wooden strong suitcase, the Archer brings with it a charming retro chic to your environment. From a backyard family barbeque to dorm room, its vintage architecture inspired by the wave of the 60’s and 50’s portable record players also makes it stunning. Additionally, it has a convenient handle for carrying it anywhere. Enjoying music from the 60’s does not mean you have to sacrifice the 21 century convenience. You can play various songs from your tablets, smartphones or USB flash using the unit’s USB and Aux input.