Top 5 Best Deep Fryer

The crispy fried foods are the most popular foods among the young generation in this modern world. Even many elderly persons crave for these types of foods. But going to resturants everydai is very expensive. So, shoold they just seat on their couch and wait for the months to save money for these foods? The answer is – obviously not. This is modern world and moder technologies have made everything easy and possible. So, why should sit on being disappointed? Buy a deep fryer. It is very good option to have deep fried foods. Here is the top 5 best deep fryer in the market for your kind consideration.

1. Warning Pro DF280 Professional Deep Fryer

Warning Pro DF280 Professional Deep FryerIf you have fixed your minds on having a deep fryer and want to buy one with lots of features, then this model of Waring will be a great investment to you. This will cost you 83.99$. But do not nthink it is too much. It is obviously higher then other deep fryers available in the market. But its service is enormous and it simply justifies the price. Even many vcustomers have reviewed its superb service. It incorporates large and small mesh basket along with cool touch handles. Further it has powerful immersion style heating element which has the the capacity of 1800 watt. The total capacity of this deepf ryer is 2.3 pound. It has 60 minute timer, Furtehr, the brushed stainless steel structure gives the fryer additional shining loiok.

Dimensions: 12.8 X 12.8 X 18.5 inches.

Weight: 11 pounds


  • Simple to set up
  • easy to clean
  • Display to show the temperature
  • large and small basket
  • stylish exterior



  • basket sit directly on top of the heating elemnt
  • No filter
  • little bit expensive
  • large in size

2. Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer

If you want have fried meats regularly, this deep fryer is really hard to overlook. It is just perfect to fry large pieces of fish, meat or chicken. Its totale capacity is upto 12 cup. It has even dual basket setup. So you can cook two different things at a time. or one type of things in large amount at a time. It also has an adjustable thermostat to control the temperature. The most amazing fact is that this thermostat can transmit light signals to allert you about the right temperature of oil.

Dimensions: 15X 16 X 11 inches

Weight: 10.6 pounds

Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep FryerAdvantages:

  • light signal to alert you about the temperature.
  • high capacity
  • oblong shape of basket
  • good exterior
  • flexible lid


  • larger than other deep fryer
  • cleaning up is time consuming.
  • There is issue with temperature
  • Power cord is too short

3. DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer

Unlike most of the popular deep fryer, this deep fryer uses less amount of oil to deep fry the products which is really an overwhelming factor. The rotating basket is tilted and requires minimum amount of oil to give the same result like others. The foods are super crunchy and moist and cook to perfection. It has timer and temperature control system. Besides, it has alarm system to alert you about the completion. Further, the design incorporates exterior cool handle. It can cook 1 ½ lb of food. Further it incorporates easy draining system so that you can resue the oil and clean the deep fryer easily.

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep FryerDimensions: 12.2 X 9.4 X 14.2 inches

Weight: 10.4 pounds


  • Use less amount of oil to fry the foods.
  • Adjustable temperature to cook to the perfection
  • Alarm system to alert you
  • dual filter system


  • SOmetimes food stick with the basket
  • the basket has small capacity
  • you need to replace the filter after some use.

4. Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep Fryer

This deep fryer is perfect for cooking fastly. It has nonsticky die cast bowl which permit easy cleaning. The basket can holds upto 3.4 pounds per serving. This deep fryer can hold upto 1.1 L of oil. The deep frying process is odor free as it incorporates charcoal filter to keep the cooking odor free.

Cuisinart CDF-100 Compact 1.1-Liter Deep FryerDimensions: 11X 8X 7.5 inches

Weight: 5.6 pounds


  • Nonsticky bowl helps in cleaning
  • heat up quickly which is very useful during busy time
  • large storage capacity


  • You need toc lean the main unit manually
  • Smaller in case you need large meals
  • Charcoal filter smells may trouble you.

5. T-fal FR800050 Ultimate EZ Clean 2.6-Pound / 3.5-Liter Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer

This product has permanent odor filter control to keep the process doro free. It also has viewing window into the lid so that you can check on the cooking process. It has heating elemnets merged in the bottom which serves consistently even after several times of using. Further, tyhis product have automatic filter and drainage system. In case you want to resuse the oil, you can eaisly do it. It consumes about 1200 watts. Besides, it has food capacity upto 2.65 pound and oil upto 3.5 litre.

T-fal FR800050 Ultimate EZ Clean 2.6-Pound / 3.5-Liter Stainless Steel Immersion Deep FryerDimensions: 18.3 X 13.7 X 14.8 inches

Weight: 15.8 pounds


  • easy to store
  • looking winode faciliates checking on the cooking


  • Basket is smaller in size
  • Grease may cause clogging

Best Headphones Under 100$

Are you searching the best option for you to buy a best headphones under 100 dollars?

Well, honestly speaking, no matter what your budget is, in recent, most of the buyer face the common fact that they all look for the top quality while buying headphones. Everyone expects to have the best sound quality with excellent comfort and aesthetic appeal within the budget. However, more recent revolution of technology and the compiition among the manufaturers have made it possible. The quality of headphones have been improved and there are lots of option available for you in the market. To make a strong position in the market, the brands are now launching cheaper product. But do not think they neglect the quality.It is very astonishing that somehow they have managed to assemble the desired features on the price.

Though there are lots of options to choose, it is still extremely challenging to choose the best product within your lmited budget. The main reason behind this is that when you arefo to buy headphones, you will simply lose yourself amon the thousands of choices and it becomes hard for you to chose the best one considering your requirements.

However, here is  a short listed criteria which you need to consider while buying headphones.

  1. First criteria is that you obviously need to keep your budget in your mind.
  2. Second criteria is he sound quality. You need to judge yourself on the topic that how much you are willing to compromise the sound quality. You need to find out whether you are just a casual listener or an audiophile.
  3. Third criteria is the comfort. Comfor is a very important factor whether you buy a cheap or an expensive one. The poor quality headphone may cause you headache, hurt your ear or even may hamer your ear and your listening experience.
  4. Fourth but not the leat is the aesthetic appeal. Do you want to buy a fashionable headphones which will represent your style and personality? Or, will you like o go for an ordinary one? It is your choice.

So, it is mys uggestion for you to list all of your requirements first. So that when you are buying you do not miss anything.

By now, as you are well introduced with the criteria and have listed your requireements, it is time to introduce you with some best products within the range that are availabe in the market for different purposes. The first one are recommended for those who want the most modern facilities and the best design and performance. The second one is for those individuals who are not willing to be tensed about the design and the third one is recommended by all audiophiles which allow incredible sound with retro design.

Audio-Technica ATH-M30

Audio-Technica ATH-M30This is one of the best quality headphones under 100 dollars in recent market. besides, they are also recommended by many audiophiles saying that it will serve you best in the range. It is light and strong and serves you for a long time along with fulfilling all your requirements. If you compare it with other Audio-Technica products; for example M50s, you may find it a little bit dull. But you need to think about your budget. Audio-Technica M50 will cost you double than your budget.

Further, Audio –Technica ATH-M30 incorporats soft cushion to allow you comfort to use hem for a long period.

The design also includes padding on the head to give you extra comfort. The closed area will enhance your listening experience by blocking any external sound.

However, they can not cancel external sound totally but very close to that. The sound is awesome with rich bas. But it can disappoint you a bit sometimes.

On the other hand, the most disappointing factor about this product is that your ears may sweat in warm days. It may also happen for a longer time use of this headphone as there is not enough ventillation system incorporated in the design. Another factor is that the earcups of this product is smaller than your ear. So, while using, it will clamp down your ear and make you feel uneasy.

Further, this set does not include microphone. So, if you need to call others, you need to do manually.

Koss PortaPro with Case:

Koss PortaPro with CaseThis is the cheapest product in the list. The design is similar to the 80’s headphone which has mixed reviews.

On the other hand, if you think about the quality of sound, this headphone is awesome. It has incredible base which will give you superior sound experience. It will comfort your ear even if you use it for a long time. But the metal head band will tangle and pull your hair which will give you discomfort. Again,  there is some chance of the leakage of the sound. So, if you want to have activated noise cancelling option, you need to reconsider your choice. Another disadvantages is that they are that much durable. But they will give you life time warranty so you do not need to think about it.

In short, this productis for those who are not so tensed aabou the design but want a good sound experience.

Sony MDR7506:

Sony MDR 7506Though This headphone is the oldest among the three, this sound excellent.

They are over-ear type and has significant effect on noise level reduction. Inaddition, this release you from changing your volume and give you support to not to listen music in high volume and hence, save your ear drums from effective loss.

In performance, this serves equally your satisfaction in the manner of comfort and botht the sound quality. The downsidesof this product is that your ear may weat and you may feel discomfort if yo have large ears. Further, the coil cable also represents the disadvantages. But, aboveall, this is a great choice while you are travelling.

These are just my three choices. Obviously, you can find many other modern devices if you search in the market or in the internet. Make sure you have passed a moderate time before buying to ensure the best in the price.

The Best Record Players Of 2015

After a long time, record player has been able to find its way back to the music lovers. The most popular means of sixties had lost its fight with the cassette player, the CD player on the question of portability and simplicity in use. But, its warm and reach sound has ensured its spot again. Many manufacturers are now interested in manufacturing new versions of record player. That is why now we can find hundreds of record player manufacturing companies. The inclusion of modern technologies has given it a new dimension. Many record companies are now competing with each other on the question of price and quality. Here is a list of the best record player of 2015 for various price ranges.

Best record player under 200£

Product name: Pro-Ject Elemental
Brand name: Pro-Ject
Price: 150£

This model of Elemental is considered as the best step for the company to climb the vinyl ladder. It serves the best and justifies its price. It has preadjusted arm and catridge. So that you do not have suffer to attach them. It also has preset its tracking weight. Besides, this record player has belt driven system and supports two rotational speed 33 1/3 RPM and 45 RPM.

Best record players

Further, this model does not include a system to level it or even to isolate it from any kind of external vibrations. So, you need to have proper setup. Again, many consumers who love to have electronic speed change option, they will find the product a little bit disappointing. Because this model requires manual operation to change the speed.

However, this model offers you a lot of good options. For example; it has DC motor whic provides the smoothest service. On the other hand, the arm is well designed with proper weight balance.


  • Dimensions: 430 X 300 X 90 mm
  • Weight: 2.7 kg
  • Belt drive sytem
  • Straight and manually operated tonearm
  • Has RCA output port
  • Consumed about 4W

Best record player under300£

Product Name: Rega RP1
Brand Name: Rega
Price: 230£

Best record players

This is one of the excellent budget device manufactued by Rega. It is simple and includes effective mechanism.

It consists of a rectangualar shape pin which has three feet and made of rubber. Further, the plinth works as a support for main bearing. The arm of this model is RB101 which is a modern version of Rega’s well known RB300 tonearm.

This  model is operated manually and has belt drive mechanism.


  • Dimensions: 17.5 X 15 X 4 inches
  • Weight: 5.44 kg
  • Belt drive system
  • Magnetic cartridge
  • Hand assembled Rega RB101 tonearm
  • Low vibration motor.

Best record player under 1000£

Product name: Rega RP3/Elys2
Brand name: Rega
Price: 550£

Best record players

This model is awarded asthe product of year, 2014. It is an excellent all-rounder manufactured by Rega Research Limited. It is the latest production of Rega which will provide you the feel of rretro music of seventies with the most modern features.

It is designed such that it will force you to love it more and more as the day passes. It is very easy to use and has very high quality setup with high reliability. If you can use it with proper care, it will serve you through he wholelife.


  • Dimensions: 445 X 115 X 360 mm
  • Weight: 5.6kg
  • Can play two rotational speed: 33 1/3 and 45 RPM
  • Hand assembled RB303 tonearm
  • Magnetic catridge
  • Double brace technology
  • 24V low noise motor

Best record player under 800£+

Product name: Clearaudio Concept
Brand name: Clearaudio
Price: 1000£

This model has been awarded as the best record player at 800£+ in 2014. They are well designed and very easy to use. They are very simple and have magnetic cartridge connected with the tone arm. The package of this model will come to you with everything being setup from the company.

Best record players

The Clearaudio Concept does not have auto on/off option but it has knob so that you can change the rotational speed automatically. It has 5.5lb platter  which is driven by a DC motor. However, the platter is placed onto a subplatter which is made of plastic.


  • Dimensions: 420.1 X 350 X 125 mm
  • Weight: 7.5 kg
  • Belt drive mechanism
  • Magnetic cartridge
  • Can play three rotational speed 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM
  • Consumed power 1.5W

Best record player for 5000£+

Product name: Clearaudio Ovation
Brand name: Clearaudio
Price: 5995£

Best record players

This is one of the finest model of the Clearaudio. This record player is designed cleverly and provides the solution of all the problems related to any record player.

The plinth of this model has a sandwich structure. It consists of two Aluminium plates connected with a Panzerholz layer. Panzerholz is mainly a wood which is dense and heavily processed so that the final product is strong enough to give it a bullet proof facility. It also works as a damping agent.


  • Dimension: 420.1 X 350 X 125 mm
  • Weight: 13.50kg
  • Can play records of 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM
  • Consumed 8.60W

How to choose a deep fryer for home

Deep-Fryer-DFT-6000A deep fryer is one of the important cooking appliance that allows you to deep fry food items in submerged oil. Cooking with so much oil in a pan on the stove is really dangerous and there are chances of burning. So, it is safe to use deep fryer to cook such foods. However, with increasing demand of fast foods, fries, the demand of dep fryer is also increasing. But, having these types of food outside everyday, means a lot of expense. So, buy a deep fryer and make your own fries at home.

This article will guide to choose a deep fryer for your home.

  1. Fix your budget: There are lots of models of deep fryer avail in the marke. But I guess you can not buy each one. You may have certain financial restrictions. So, first fix your budget according to your capability. Think twice before allocating money whether you could bear the rest of the necessary expenses or not. It will be wise not to spend too much if you have issues.
    However, the features, styles and designs are parameters of the deep fryer price. The general deep frer fall anywhere between $30 to $1500. JUst fix your budget and see what you can find within the range.
  2. Choose our required size of deep fryer: What do you want to cook with your deep fryer? How many portions do you want to cook? The size is obviously important. You can not fry a turkey in a regular deep fryer as they can not hold the turkey . So, make sure which size you want. Besides, you budget should also support your required size od the deep fryer. You obviously can not buy a large size one with a poor budget.
  3. Consider the features: eature makes your cooking more easy. It helps you to relax. It make the handling easy and safe. It also provides you a tension free cooking. So feature is really an important thing to consider. But keep in mind that the more features mean the high price of the fryer. So, in case you have restrictions list down only your necessary features. For example, an ideal dep fryer should have the following features
    • A heating element which can heat up oil promptly and more faster than the heating elemnt at the bottom.
    • A oil reservoir which is removable so that the cleaning is easy and fuss free.
    • Temperature control system so that the oil is not heated up excessively and burn yuor food. Besides, it is also very important to have perfect crunch, right texture and color if you have perfect temperature.
    • A warranty period which will ensure the quality of the product. Minimum one year is enough.
  4. Deep-Fryer-1Read the reviews and all the customer experiences: Go through different websites such as Amazon, eBay and others which will allow you to read customer experience. Check out the ratings, positive ad negative feedbacks so that you can understand everything about the product and select one for you. Make sure you know everything everything about the product and want it.
  5. Find the best shop for you: Go where you find comfort in shopping. You may go to your nearest supper shop, or local electrical shops or you can order online. Deal with trustworthy people as that greatly determins the quality of product.

These are all the major steps to choose deep fryer for your home. By properly following the steps you will find the best deep fryer for you. So make sure you have read all the steps and research enough before buying it. So that you money will not go to waste.

Ways to clean your flute

The flute may seem very simple to you but they also have some delicacy due to the presence of keys, tone holes. They are complex and made from soft metals. All of these makes the flute very fragile and taht is why the flute requires a great care. You should be careful when you are cleaning or even assembling or disassembling them. Any kind of mishandling may bent the flute which will lead to the distortion of sound. So, maintaining flute is equal important as it is to play the right tone. Most of the artists starts their lesson with a basic flute. But as they gradually convert to more advanced one as they become the master. In the whole process, they need to clean and polish their flute.

Dust and moisture are the greatest enemy of the flute. You need to ensure that your flute is dry. Again, if the flute is not properly cleaned, the pads will absorb moisture and swell. Furthe, you must be aware of the fact that whenever you play the flute, the moisture is captured in the flute. It will cause the flow of less air into the flute. The moisture also wears away the soft metal of the flute. The result is the awkard sound and poor audio quality. Here are feww tips which will guide you to take the best care of your flute.

How to clean your flute

Maintain FluteYou should keep in mind that no matter how much you care about your flute, it will get worse and worse with the each use. However, the first step of cleaning starts with the disassembling of flute. If you disassemble it you will find three parts. They are:

  1. The head joint: They have lip plate called embouchure plate. At embouchure plate, the musician rests his lip and blow air through the mouth hole.
  2. The main body: This part holds the keys, tuning slides as well as tennon. It works as the link between the head joint and the foot joint.
  3. The foot joint: This is the shortest part of the flute and carries holes.

Now, the ways to clean the flute is discussed below.

  1. At first, gather all the things you need to clean the flute. You should have a soft cloth and a rod. Do not worry about the rod. You will find them in the package of the flute. In the case of soft cloth, you can use spare handkerchief or any piece of cloth. There is also options to buy cloth which are speccially made to clean the flute.clean-your-flute-1
  2. Now, if you want to clean the inside of the head joint and foot joint, at first you should wrap the cloth around the rod so that it will form a thread shape. Cover the whole rod with the cloth. This will ensure hat there will be no scratch while cleaning. Now, insert the rod slowly into the head joint and twist a little when you clean. Do not do this in hurry. It will hamper the key pads. Follow the same procedure to clean the main body and the foot joint.
  3. To clean the outer surface, simply employ the soft cloth. Never use any kind of polishing metarial or water to clean the outer surface. Use of micro fibre polishing cloth will ensure that no fingerprints or oily surfaces are left.Soft Cloth
  4. Use rubbing alchohol to sterilize the lip plate.
  5. Always take your time while cleaning. Never rush over the process. Give special attention on not to employ pressure on any part of the flute.

Headphones: types and characteristics

Headphones, previously known as head-phones, are a set of mini loudspeakers which are designed for individual listening puposes only. They are also known as earphones, cans, earspeakers or colloquially. The headphones are basically an electrostatic transducer which are utilized to transform the electric signal to sound. They are yours privae audio source. In this matter you can differentiate the headphones with the loudspeakers as the loudspeakers are for listening music in an open environment involving your surroundings.

Headphones may have wire connected to the source or they may be bluetooth supported.

However, you can find different types of headphones providing different sound qualities available in the market. The size of headphones, the mechanism used to produce the sound, the construction combinedly affect the sound quality of the ehadphones.

In general, you can classify the headphones into four catagories: circumaural, supra-aural,earbud and in-ear.


Circumaural HeadphonesThey are sometimes referred as full size headphones. They have circular earpads to cover the ears. As they completely encompass the ears, these headphones can be utilized to seal the ears against external sound if properly designed.

However, du to their size, the may weigh a little high. There are some products which may even weigh upto 1 lb. Besides, these headphones require the ergonomic headband along with earpads to reduce the discomfort caused by the weight.

Supra- aural

Supra-auralIt has pads pressed against the ears. They were the most popular types of headphones that were used in the 1980s. They are generally small in size and weigh lighter than the circumural headphones. However, they may also cause discomfort because of the pressure on the ear.

Open or closed back

Both of the above mentioned headphones may again classify into two groups on the basis of the construction of earcups


As the name refers, this headphones have opening at the back of the earcups. Though the opening causes the leakage of the sound and the insertation of outside noises, they provide the most natural sound. So, you can feel like listening to a loudspeaker.


They have completely closed earcups. Thus they hinder the entrance of outside noises. The user feel like the sound is coming from his head. The closed back headphones are capable of producing strong bu low frequency comparing to the open-back headphones.


Semi-openThey have the combined construction of the open-back and the closed-back headphones. As a result, the sound quality is also the resultant of the combination of the both types. They have chamber which serves the purpose of blocking the sound partially.


The headphones have the same characteristics as the dynamic loudspeakers.

  1. Impedence: Both low and high impedence headphones are available in the market. The range of low impedence headphones are 16 to 32 ohm and for the high impedence they fluctuate between 100-600 ohms. However, the increase in impedence requires additional voltage.

    In recent days, the newest models are incorporating low impedence to decrese the need of addiional voltage so that they can be powered by battery. This, in turns, gives extra facility in portability.

  2. Sensitivity:

    Thisis the measure of the effective conversion of the electrical signal into sound of an earphones. Thus, you can know the level of the loudness of a headphone for a particular electrical drive. The sensitivity is emasured in the decibles.

    Combining a higly sensitive headphones with a high power amplifier will produce higgh volume which is dangerous and will harm your headphones. The most preferred one is of medium sensitive headphones. They ranges between 110 to 120 dB. However, the doctors always recommend to avoid listening music more than 85 dB fo a long time. It will hamper your ear drums and decrease your listening power.

How record player influenced the culture

To many speaker, bloggers or the researchers of music, the invention of record player plays one of the most significant role of in changing human behaviour. Though in early ages, most of the recorded songs were performed by the marching bands but to John Phillip Sousa, one of the most recognized band leader in the history of America, told that the invention of record players had made life easy for the people. He mentioned that it was a great mean for the people who could not attend the performance. He praised the contribution of record player as it helped to spread the music. But at the same time, he was afraid of the peoples reluctance towards the creation of new music pieces.

However, recording of music opened a new door and influence many others to experiment with it. It was not so far from then that the music of the world faced a huge changes. There were many forms of music becoming available day by day and people got attracted to them. It also became a great source of income. Business on record players, recordings etc went high day by day. It was a great chance for the local musicians to record their musics and sell them. It made them famous and also gave them a chance to show the world their talent.

The most significant role of the record player is that they built a bridge between the blacks and whites in the United States. In 1920s, the black artists got popularity due to their jazz music. Later, in the 60s, Motown artist and the rappers got famous. The music broke the barriers and all the culture of hatred for the blacks. The black artists began to sell their records and the more days passed, their demand went up high. They were invited to play songs in the parties. Thus, record player played an important role to change the history.

Jazz music

The fame of the record player and the vinyl recordings touched the highest pick in 1960s. By this time, almost every city of America had atleast one record player shop. even, it became a part and parcel of daily life. Every house even a mine worker owned a record player. People found a new source of entertainments. Many chose record player to change their mood after a long tiring day. After coming home to many male parts of the family, it was  aregular routine to play the record, sat on a rocking chair and relaxed with a cup of tea or a bottle of beer. They were blessed with warm and rich sound of the record player. Again, at that time, the presence of record player was considered as a sign of good party. People loved to join such parties and made them flown away with the music. Besides, having a record player would describe your great taste. It wiould ensure your position among the friends at higher position.

  • As the hip-hop and Djing became famous day by day, many club owners became interested in having multiple turntables. There were competitions among the clubs to play more unique music and made the people dance with the tunes.  Moreover, the presence of record player was must if you wanted to have a romantic date with your spouse or your boyfriend/girlfriend. That was why many resturant gave the facility of playing music to create more romantic atmosphere.

  • At that time many famous speech were recorded and hence, spreaded worldwide. It gave a chance to the people to listen to the pioneers of the world. They were motivated by the speech of the world famous personals.

  • Record player also motivated many movie makers to incorporate them to create the perfect atmosphere. The Mechanics, Shawshank Redemption, High Fidelity etc movie included record player in a very suitable way.

  • In short, we can say that the record player affected the habbit of human. They changed the thinking of people about music. Morever, they united the people all around the world through the music.

Benefits of practicing piano scales

To many pianists, practicing piano scales is must if you want to improve your technical skills and achieve brilliancies. There is no other way to become a master without practicing it. It will help you to play mechanically and correctly and hence, the more rythmic and harmonous sound.

A good piano technique helps you to improve your inner artistic talents and your performance. Keep in mind that if you really want to learn piano from your heart, you will never find practicing scales boring. Rather, you will become more interested to learn more and more, find out different techniques and thus improving your inner talents and skills.

Piano Andres Bello

However, if you practice scales of piano following a systematicc way, you will improve your pianists skills. You will improve you techniques and enhance your capability to understand the tones and harmonies. In a word, it will enhance your listening.

Technical benefits of practicing scales:

  1. To master the technical efficiency, you should pratice your notes everyday. It will allow you to achieve perfection. However, practicing scales is an unavoidable part of great pianists.
  2. Practicing scaling is considered as the warm up for you before starting your piano lessons. It steches your arms, fingers and wrists and prepare them for you lessons. By now, you must have realized the importance of proper warm up. It reduces the chances of any kind of hand injurieswhich can happen during praticing delicate pieces. In a research it has been found tha 15-30 minutes warm up will give you a perfect start for your practice.
  3. Practicing scales in a systematic manner will allow you to improve the sound quality you produce. It will help you to correct your body actions such as your finger positions, your wrist actions. It will give you motion and more controll over your fingers. Further, it will increase your coordination skills and help you to master the key attack and multitasking.
  4. Scales represent the technical patterns, positional blueprints and fingering formulas of a piano. They are not accumulated in a single piece. Rather they involve all the integral parts of pianos. Once you gain your control over these patterns, you will achieve your excellency and can unlock many mysterious doors of many technical difficulties. So, if you fall into any kind of tough situation you can find the solution by yourselves. Then, you can play your notes without any difficulty and consuming less time to know them from the scratch.

Let me discuss the effect of practicing scales more. By now you have known that this will increase your hearing. Now, let us see how this will help you further.

Scales teach us the system of modes and tonalities practically. Even you can define them as the table of musical language. We can learn about making high or short notes from books or online tutorials or fro other means. But by pressing each finger and feeling them individually in practical will obviously provide you a better look into the pianos. It will help you to figure out different notes, the function and sound of different keys individually. It will increase you harmonic thinking. By practicing one or two years, you can obviously become an expert pianists.

However, along with technical benefits, practicing scales will also allow you enormous expressive benefits. By practicing properly, you can develop your phrasing. Set up a goal for you.Try to achieve it while you are practicing. Try to learn from your heart. Do not get upset if you find it difficult. Practice more. It will decrease the rigidity of your finger and you will find ultimate pleasure one day for sure.

Record player manufacturing companies

Record player, a classical invention of Edison, has once again found its way into the moddern world. Many companies are now interested in producing record players with modern facilities. There is a high level race presented between the companies to supply the best options in a comfortable budget. Here is a little details about some of the record player manufacturing companies.

  • Crosley: Crosley is one of the biggest brand which produces record player. It has a variety of options while choosing turntable, stylus, catridge etc. Many of them are budget friendly.
    The products of Crosley products are outstanding and have been able to attract the consumer’s satisfaction. They provide the rechangeable facilities which give their products an extra dimensions. That is why many music lover consider there product as the number one in the rating.
  • GPO: They are patronized by a British brand named ProTelX. Their products are inspired by the retro music and are the combination of retro music and modern facilities. They concentrate onto provide you such a record player that will make you nostalgic. Similar to the Crosley, they also produce some other products such as telephones, radios etc.
  • Linn: Linn is one of the most popular record player manufacturing company of the modern world. They manufacture the turntables with the best facilities and performance. They imerged into the market in 1972 with their product LP12 turntable which is still considered oneof the best turntable and available in the market.
  • Pioneer: Pioneer is now a leading brand in he world of electronics producing car, houshold accessories etc. They provide the highest quality turntable for the DJ purpose. They are probably the best options if anyone want to have the most modern record player. They have powerful sound systems and their driving system of turntable is superb highlighting the moder design.
  • Pyle: The most amazing fact about ths company is that they provide the waterproof facilities. They have electronic products and accessories suitable to use both inside and outside. They gained popularity to the music lovers by supplying high quality audio system to play in car or in home, may be for personal amusement or just for the professional parties.
  • Technics: Technics is a brand of Panasonic Corporation. They produce varieties of amplifiers, recievers, turntables etc. They are the company which first marketed the turntable having direct driving system. The model was SL-1100. Their another great creation SL-1200 is recognized as the “ Industry standard ” turntable in the DJ industry.
  • Thorens: This is a Swiss company which produces high end audio equipment. They are mostly known for their turntables. They started their production in 1903 inspired by Edison’s phonograph. They are recognized as the first manufacturer of electric record player in 1928. They were among the top manufacturer of record player between 1950s to 1960s.
  • Dual: As the name indicates, the products of Dual have two mode to supply power; from direct electricilty or with the help of wind up mechanism. They started their business be producing parts of record players in 1907. They expanded their business at a great speed after the World War II when they employed 3,000 employees in their different factories.
  • Gramophone Company: They are UK based one of the oldest recording company. In 1931 they merged with Electric and Musical Industries limited and began their production under the name “The Gramophone Company Limited”.
  • Audio Technica: They are one of the Japanese company who has been doing this business for the last 52 years. They are also famous as the oldes headphone manufacturing company.
  • Lenco: They are one of the associates of STL Group of brands which is owned by Dutch patronized brand of audio and video. They include various techniques to run their record player which make their product more easy to use.

Comparison between vinyl records and CDs or DVDs

Record player was a great media of entertainment for the people of 20th century. Edison invented this classic music device with which man was able to both record and play the sound. But after the 70s, the portability and complexity to handle the record players faces the question of many music lovers. Many cheap and light version of music instruments became available. People converted into the users of more flexible musical instrument. CDs and DVDs became more popular day by day and the record player began to fade away from the history. But, there remains a question whether vinyl of record player sound is better than CDs and DVDs. At first let me tell you a short description on these three means to carry sound.

Vinyl of record player:

Vinyl records are analouge medium to store the sound. It has a flat disc made of polyvinyl chloride. This flat disc is inscribed with spiral groove. The height of the grooves depend on the sound intensity. When you place the needle of the stylus onto the grooves and plays it with the turntable, the grooves make the stylus to vibrate and hence, the required sound is created again.


The full name is compact disc. They have optical disc to store the sound. The invention of the CDs were to store and play sound only. But later they were utilized to store the video too.

They have diameter of 4.7 inch and can hold music about 80 min long or nearly about 700MB.


They are the same format as the CDs. They can hold upto 4GB. The standard DVD has diameter of 12 cm and there capacity ranges from 6.92 MB/cm2 to 18.0 MB/cm2 .

Is the vinyl produced better sound than the CDs and DVDs:

You can easily find out the answer by differentiating between the analog and digital means to record sound. Vinyl and CDs or DVDs are respectively analog and digital forms of recording.

comparison between analod sound signal to the CD and DVD output

From the graph, you can easily find out that the real sound is analog by nature. A digital recording disintegrates the analog sound ( for CDS the sound is divided into 44100 parts per second) and quantify the each section with a proper accuracy ( for CDs, they are compared to the accuracy of 16 bit that means there are 65,536 of possible values).

This indicates that a digital recording does not catch the whole sound wave. It only creates a wave through certain steps which has close characteristics of the original ones. By this way, the sounds which go faster, for example the beats of drums or the tone from the trumpet, will distort easily as the change of the wave is instantaneous.

In the stereo system used in home, the CD and DVDs coverts the digital sounds into analog signal and pass it to the amplifier. Then the amplifier amplifies the level of voltage to a certain level which is powerful enough to run the speaker.

On the other hand, the vinyl records have groove implemented onto the flat disc which is mirror of the original sound. It is analog by definition and there is no chances of the loosing of the information. The signal is directly passed to the amplifier and any type of conversion is not necessary which indicates that the wave on the recordings are more precise and accurate. As a result, the record give warm and richer sound. The only downside of the record player is that they require ultimate attention in handling. Any slightly misake may damage the records completely. On the other hand, CDs and DVDs do not require that much attention.